Founded in 2011, China MDF Group is a comprehensive investment integration management group that integrates equity, securities, investment and fund management, corporate investment and financing services, mergers and acquisitions, listing planning, investment consulting, etc.

The group management team consists of Mr. Zhu Fubing, the founder & chairman of the group, and a group of Chinese and foreign elites with rich experience in capital operation, venture capital, industrial management and management consulting.

Its business activities include private equity investment and securities investment, smart new retail, overseas asset allocation, corporate listing planning, investment consulting, and financial advisors. Its main investment targets are domestic and international new retail, new energy, new materials, energy conservation and environmental protection, consumer goods, healthcare, tourism consumption, cultural media and other key industries supported by national policies.
MDF adheres to the development ideology of specialization, marketization, branding, being people-friendly, and internationalization with its business all over the world. In China, it has business in a number of large and medium cities and provinces including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Liaoning, Jiangsu, Hainan, Tibet, Gansu, Xinjiang and Hong Kong. Its overseas business activities spread to Indonesia, Poland, India, Europe, the United States, etc.


Hong Kong Listing Plan
In January 2018, it started planning for listing in Hong Kong.

Official Establishment of MDF VIP Club
In March 2018, the MDF VIP Club was established to provide its VIP customers with a variety of high-end activities.

Outright Acquisition of Suzhou Enjoy Love Supermarket
In January 2017, the MDF Group acquired all of the shares in Suzhou Enjoy Love Supermarket Co.,Ltd, the largest chain supermarket in Suzhou.
New Third Board Listing of Henan Yujian Technology Co., Ltd. of the Group
In July 2016, Henan Yujian Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Group, was listed on the New Third Board under the Group’s operating model.

Relocating Group Headquarters to MDF Building
In May 2015, the group headquarters was relocated to the MDF Building.

Formally Launching Lease Financing Business
In November 2015, it acquired Zhuohong Lease Financing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


Establishment of Beijing MDF Fund Management Co., Ltd.
In May 2014, Beijing MDF Fund Management Co.,Ltd. was successfully registered.

International Strategic Landscape
In June 2014, MDF started its overseas investment business, marking the beginning of the Group’s international financial and strategic landscape.

Establishment of Beijing MDF Group Co., Ltd.
In 2013, Beijing MDF Group Co., Ltd. was established, which symbolizes that MDF has officially become a holding group operating multiple businesses.
Establishment of MDF
In December 2011, Beijing MDF Investment Management Co., Ltd. was established.

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