Asset Management

MDF Group is committed to the strategic investment concept of combining tradition and innovation. Based on the different financial situations, assets characteristics and risk-reward preferences of high-net-worth individuals, wealthy families, and institutional investors, MDF Group develops sound assets allocation plans and carries out portfolio investment and assets allocation, striving to achieve “stable returns and compound interest growth” of capitals so as to meet the needs of high-end investors for asset management.

New Retail

In January 2017, the MDF Group acquired all of the shares in Suzhou Enjoy Love Supermarket Co., Ltd. The two parties adhere to the tenet of “strong cooperation to achieve win-win results”, deeply integrate online service, offline experience and modern logistics by taking advantage of the Internet, and work together to create a “new retail” model.
Nowadays, in the real stores of Enjoy Love, customers can not only buy quality products, but also enjoy diversified services provided by the stores in a timely and convenient manner, such as leisure and recreation, WiFi, water, electricity and gas bills payment, prepaid recharge, mobile phone points redeem, etc. It has made life easier for the citizens. Enjoy Love is expected to expand rapidly in the near future, open more stores in China’s middle and large cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing, building on more than 200 stores in the Suzhou area.

Suzhou yijiale supermarket co., LTD
  • Suzhou yijiale convenience store management co., LTD
  • Suzhou yijiale supply chain management co., LTD
  • Suzhou yijiale technology co., LTD
  • Suzhou yijiale brand development co., LTD
Overseas Business

In terms of asset allocation for high-net-worth families, globalization has become a trend. With forward-looking thinking, MDF has operated various overseas businesses including overseas fund bonds, overseas mergers and acquisitions, overseas venture capital and other global asset allocation services, providing high-net-worth clients with a diversified global asset allocation portfolio! MDF helps investors effectively spread risks, and be resilient to systemic financial risks and financial crisis. MDF pays close attention to the global situation, gets rid of domestic investment restrictions, and achieves true global asset allocation.

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